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We are Chuck and Elsie Davis of New Life In Jesus  Ministries. Among the activities of NLIJM is sending missionaries out into different fields where the Lord has clearly directed them.

We ourselves can see the hand of Jesus guiding our paths for many years, even before we accepted Him as Savior and Lord.

Elsie was born in Barrio Tabao, Municipality of Valladolid, on Negros Island in the Philippines. As a young woman Elsie and two sisters went to Manila as weavers to raise money for her family to build a house. She then was a weaver in Olongapo, and then moved to San Antonio, a town near a U.S. Naval Communication station on Luzon Island.

At the same time, Chuck was in the Navy stationed in San Diego, and trying to avoid overseas duty. But the Navy thought he should to go the Naval Communication base on Luzon Island, so he went. Some mutual friends introduced us, and in the course of time, we fell in love and became engaged.

After Chuck was discharged from the Navy we were married. Chuck was hired as a police officer on the Tumwater Police Department, where he spent 30 years, retiring as Police Commander.

Fifteen years into Chuck’s police career we were converted, primarily through Christian television. Our spiritual journey led us to a Catholic Charismatic prayer group, where we eventually we became leaders. A few years later the Lord shifted us to a Four Square church, then a small house church, and finally into a local branch of the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee. We went through Exhorters licensing and Ministerial Internship Training, and Chuck was Assistant Pastor for a couple of years. He currently holds license as an Ordained Minister.

The Lord began working on our hearts for missions just after our conversion, and we began videotaping Christian programming and sending videocassettes to Elsie’s family back on Negros Island. Many of them are now converted and are working in ministry. We went on 3 short term mission trips to Tabao between 1997 and 2001. That gave us a love for the lost and a hunger to serve the Lord by helping the poor and extending God’s invitation of eternal life to whoever will be saved.

We sold our home in Tumwater, then established New Life In Jesus Ministries in preparation for our "transfer" from law enforcement to full time mission work.

We have been here full time since 2003, coming back to the states for a couple of months each year. We established a mission base and feeding center, which provides money or food for around 100 people. We are housing about 10 local children whose parents cannot afford to care for them. 6 of them are attending either elementary or high school.

The one Bible Study we started at the mission at base in 2003 has grown to eight weekly meetings in locations around the barrio. In 2004 we set up a Philippine non-profit para-church ministry here, and established Sunday worship service. In 2005 we joined a local church in a campus ministry for the local high school. That church stopped their program the next year, so we have been ministering to the students since then in their "values" program.

So far we have raised up four pastors, who all have a passion for winning the lost. They carry the bulk of the ministry while we are in the states.

In 2006 We began an outreach ministry in Miranda, a barrio about half an hour away. In 2007 we started a kinder school In Tabao for children in poor families. Another outreach ministry started in 2008 in Barrio Sag-Ang, a mountainous region near the Canlaon volcano.

In June 2009 we are started a Bible School for people who cannot afford the costs of one in the large cities. The Lord is faithful and has given us local pastor friends who are like-minded, full gospel, and evangelical.

We have joined a national movement called Intercessors For The Philippines. Nearly all faith based groups of the country are involved, praying for an awakening to God, and re-establishing His righteous presence and control of all eight pillars of society.

Our passions are saving souls and helping the poor. In 2015 our ministry had more than 2650 conversions. At the same time we partner with a faith based group that is not a church, but works with local churches establishing feeding programs, film showings, Open Air Medical Clinics, Livelihood programs, etc.















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